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The large majority of companies today take advantage of both people and the earth, either directly or through their supply chain. 

You're here because you want to make sure your purchases leave the world better off, not worse. Our mission at Unus munduS is to set the standard for how business should be done, and to inspire other companies to follow our movement. 

We promise that nobody is taken advantage of at any point in our supply chain, and that your purchase will help the environment, not hurt it. 

We've taken extreme care in vetting our partners, from the companies who manufacture our products, to the ones who plant the trees, to the ones who make our packaging. 

Here's an overview of every company we do business with:

Eden Reforestation Projects

Loss of forests contributes between 12 percent and 17 percent of annual global greenhouse gas emissions. The good news is that we can reverse this. 

Eden Reforestation Projects is a 501c3 non-profit whose mission is to provide fair wage employment to impoverished villagers as agents of global forest restoration. Eden hires the poorest of the poor to grow, plant, and guard to maturity, native species forest on a massive scale. Their “employ to plant methodology” results in a multiplication of positive socio-economic and environment measures.


Purnaa is passionate about ethically manufacturing high-quality products and creating job opportunities for marginalized people in Nepal. Their products are 100% sustainably and locally sourced, and fairly produced. 

Klean Kanteen

A certified B Corp and 1% For the Planet Member, Klean Kanteen is committed to ethically manufacturing high quality products. They are carbon neutral certified and committed to environmental sustainability 


About 1/3 of all waste is made up of packaging material and on average, 40% of plastic is produced for packaging, used just once, and then discarded. 

EcoEnclose produces high quality, earth friendly packaging solutions that meet stringent and comprehensively researched sustainable packaging criteria.

Every single piece of our packaging, down to the tape and labels, is made with 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.