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We're a team of young entrepreneurs on a mission to set the standard for how business should be done. We think it's terrible that the majority of products used in everyday life take advantage of people and the earth through unfair working conditions and negative environmental impacts. We guarantee our products will leave the world a better place both socially and environmentally. You can trust that we will always be 100% transparent about who we do business with and the impact our products have. 

We envision, with your help, that Unus munduS will grow to not only help reforest our earth but to spread to areas such as ocean cleanup, education in 3rd world countries, and providing clean water to those in need.

Head over to our contact us page to give your suggestion on what our next area of focus should be.

Be loud, be proud, and get ready to make a difference!

Thank you for being part of the Unus munduS family, we are truly grateful for you! 


Matthew Kallstrom and Anthony Meshnick l Co-Founders, Unus munduS