Best Jackets on Earth


the bottle

Don't like that the world trashes 50 billion plastic water bottles every year?

Us either. So we partnered with Klean Kanteen to make a beautiful, high quality, reusable stainless steel solution that keeps water cold for 20 hours and up to 40 hours with ice. 

Employ impoverished locals to plant trees for each bottle! 

Eco friendly stainless steal water bottle made with Klean Kanteen that plants trees

the tote

Do you hate seeing all the plastic bags being used at the grocery store?

Bring this hand-made, reusable tote and shop in style.

Employ impoverished locals to plant trees for each bag!

the drawstring

Do you want an adventure companion that's good for people and the planet?

Take this hand-made drawstring bag and make your trip convenient.

Employ impoverished locals to plant trees for each bag!


I absolutely LOVE what y'all stand for! My platrform is Human Trafficking and I have so much respect for any company that notices the mistreatment of factory workers.

I love my Unus munduS bottle and drawstring! I take it every time I'm out and about :) 

Thanks @weareunusmundus! I love my new bag!!

Package just came in the mail and I love it! Keep working hard and changing the world!

The water bottle keeps water so crisp and refreshing! And I just simply feel good about buying products from Unus munduS

This is my favorite water bottle of ALL time!